Amber Skye

With over 20 years of formal training and professional experience in dance and the performing arts, Amber Skye uses her unique background to bring a new voice to the St. Louis dance community and beyond. Amber started Rogue Motion Dance and has been teaching and performing professionally since 2017. Her signature style of alternative belly dance was first inspired by the current mahragan sha’abi street dance scene in urban Egypt. It is a combination of indigenous belly dance & folkloric movement with hip hop stylings. She is the first and only known teacher in the Midwest to offer regular instruction in this style. She brings this unique style, dance cosplay, and her brand of "Bellymation" (animation/robotics + belly dance), to the stage regularly in St Louis and the greater Midwest.

Amber began her performing arts education when she begged her mom to sign her up for her first dance class at the age of 6. Since then and to this day she has studied many dance styles : various styles of belly dance (Raqs Sharqi, Ghawazee, tribal fusion, and contemporary fusion) Arabic folkloric dance, street dance (including krump & animation/robotics), ballet, jazz, burlesque, contemporary and hip hop. She won various group and solo awards as part of her high school dance team and continued her love of dance by teaching children through college. She continued her performing arts career by performing in musicals and as a member of the professional improv comedy troupes City Improv (St Louis) and Heart of LaCrosse (Wisconsin) in addition to having a successful career in top 40 radio.

Currently, she can be seen performing at select stage shows, all-styles battles & variety events in St. Louis and regionally in the Midwest. Her musical and theatrical training brings a level of originality and raw emotion to her performances that make each piece unique and enthralling. She is known for her fierce stage presence, unique characters and earth -shaking shimmies. She is consistently challenging herself to bring something new to the table.

A perpetual student herself, Amber continues her studies to this day with local various nationally and internationally known artists and instructors including: Sahra Saeeda, Tempest, Amel Tafsout, Karim Nagi, Ahava of California, and Susu Pampinin in addition to being heavily involved in her local dance community. Amber was the scholarship winner for the Waking Persephone Belly Dance Fusion Festival in Seattle, WA earning her the privilege of studying with some of the most innovative, knowledgeable, and theatrical dancers in North America including her first chance to perform on the national stage. She plans to continue her learning experience by traveling across the US for additional learning opportunities, including one day travelling to Cairo, Egypt.


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