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Egyptian Street Belly Dance : Beginning, Age: 16+

If you are itching for something new in your dance routine, this class is it! Egyptian street belly dance is an exciting new style known in the Arab world as mahraganat sha'abi (Arabic for "festival dancing") aka street sha'abi. This class is an introduction to this style which has recently emerged from post-revolution youth culture. It is characterized by a blend of the indigenous, core movements of belly dance, Egyptian folkloric movements and modern street dance stylings. This high-energy dance is based heavily in the rhythm and takes its gestural cues from the lyrics of the cutting-edge Egyptian electro-sha'abi music, also called mahragan. You can expect to sweat, have fun and learn about another culture! All genders welcome. This is a beginner class; no prior dance experience required. 

10 sessions | $59 

Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m. | Sept 11th - Nov 13th

STLCC: Forest Park, Dance Rm 


Egyptian Street Belly Dance: Intermediate, Age: 16+

Yalla! ("Let's go!") This class is a continuation of the skills learned in our ESBD beginner level course. Our intermediate class will expand your knowledge and skill level by further exploring street dance concepts, layered and intermediate torso work while also learning to dance as an individual as well as learning group choreography. You will go deeper into footwork, layering, tracing, basic concepts of tutting and broaden your knowledge of Arabic music and rhythms as we explore musicality and emotion in Egyptian dance! All genders welcome. Prerequisite: Egyptian Street Belly Dance: Beginning. 

10 sessions | $59 

Tuesdays 7-8 p.m. | Sept 10th - Nov 19th

STLCC: Forest Park, Dance Rm 

• NOTE: No class 10/22